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Tsubaki Ageless

-15% Tsubaki Ageless

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tsubaki ageless collagen

Turn back time and be an Ageless beauty. With the all new AFC Tsubaki Ageless Collagen beauty drink, you can defy all signs of ageing and seal in perfect youthful skin.

The secret lies in the powerful and unique concoction of an unparalleled 10,000mg MCP- EX Marine Collagen, clinically proven to improve skin conditions with its ultra-small molecular structure that is better absorbed by skin as compared to other collagen peptides. Its precious Royal Jelly, works synergistically to revitalize skin and improve healing. Together with other skin-loving nutrients, it deeply nourishes and repairs all skin imperfections. In just days, experience the visible interception of this potent drink for significant skin improvement. 

10,000mg MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides, clinically proven for skin improvement
• Promote skin firmness, refine pores and wrinkles
60x smaller than normal collagen for optimum absorption in the body
• Odorless collagen technology to remove unpleasant taste and smell 

10,000mg MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides.
MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides is a type of low molecular weight fish-derived micro-collagen peptides that is clinically* proven for skin improvement. Extracted through a unique enzymatic hydrolysis process through advanced production technologies, it is 60 times smaller and 1.5 times better absorption than other collagen peptides, allowing it to be readily digested and easily absorbed by the body, offering the best anti-ageing properties to rejuvenate skin.



Marine Collagen Peptides


Tsubaki Ageless is composed of Type I Collagen - the best form of collagen being utilized by the body to restore healthy and youthful skin. Studies found that Type I Collagen extracted from fish consists of small peptide molecules that is absorbed at a higher level through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream, allowing it to be effectively transported throughout the body, it to promote cell regeneration in the joint tissues, bones and skin dermis.

• Firms up skin cells to refine fine lines, wrinkles and open pores
• Enhances water absorbing capacity in the skin for supple and well-hydrated skin
• Protects skin against UV rays damage to prevent formation of pigmentation and fine lines

• Rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-ageing nucleic acids RNA & DNA and bioactive compound, 10H2DA.
• Highly nutritious super food used extensively to preserve youth and promote good health.
• Widely researched and proven to :
  - Brighten complexion by reducing melanogenesis, the process of skin darkening*
  - Speed up healing process to repair damaged skin tissues, reduces scars and spots**
  - Increase the production of collagen in the body by enhancing the effect of fibroblast***

Collagen with royal jelly

Chart adapted from Satomi et al (2004). Identi¬cation of a Collagen Production-promotiong Factor from an Extract of Royal Jelly and Its Possible Mechanism. Biosci. Biotechnol, Biochem. 68(4), p.767-773.

• Comprises of botanical extracts from Tsubaki camellia seed, Lotus germ and Star fruit leaf
• Promotes collagen production and reduces collagen breakdown
• Enhances cell renewal and protection

• Possesses up to 6,000 times water locking capability
• Infuses and retains moisture, plumps up skin cells from within for smooth, supple skin

Water locking collagen

• Promotes skin metabolism for cellular renewal
• Promotes collagen synthesis

Perfect Taste

This delicious peach and acelora flavoured collagen drink is a must-have beauty drink for all women!



Size 50ml x 10s
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I always believe that beauty starts from the inside out. Having tried various collagen drinks available in the market, I find myself always going back to AFC Tsubaki Ageless Collagen beauty drink as it is the only product that makes a visible difference to my skin in terms of brightness, clarity, hydration and firmness. I noticed that it also helped with the size of my pores and my dark eye circles. I don't think I can ever go back to the days without Tsubaki.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I came across Tsubaki Ageless on Qoo10 while searching for Collagen Products and I was surprised to see that there is actually a Product that offers all that I need (10 000mg Collagen, Bio-Cell Activator, Royal Jelly, HA & Vit Bs + C) and most importantly, reasonably priced. Needless to say, I had to try! Glad I did! My face looks so much brighter, plumper and fine lines decently smoothed out just after 3 boxes. I noticed that I can get away with lesser Makeup now plus less under eye cream and I am looking forward to seeing more prominent results.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
very satisfied with the products
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I am someone who take great care of my skin and health. I have been taking collagen drinks and royal jelly supplement for years. I like the combination of 500mg royal jelly with real Tsubaki flower extract. One bottle of Tsubaki has everything that I need for my skin.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I love authentic Japanese health care products because of their high quality and safety standard. After doing some research online, I realize AFC tsubaki drink is most value for money. It has higher collagen content and more expensive ingredients than other brands although it is selling at similar price. I bought them for myself, also for my family and friends Good product, will continue buying.

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