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Le Revital Intense Cell Activator 1s

Le Revital Intense Cell Activator 1s

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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singapore placenta

Achieve Results of Laser Treated Skin or Better with VF Nano Placenta Therapy
Mammal placentas are nature’s miracle gift for anti-ageing. Containing rich growth factors, vitamins, minerals and other nourishing nutrients, they possess healing properties that help the body repair and rejuvenate ageing and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality.

LABO DermaLab’s VF Nano Placenta Therapy is a cutting-edge technology that has been proven safe and effective in slowing down the ageing process at the cellular level.

6 Youth-enhancing Actions of VF Nano Placenta Extract

placenta for anti-aging

• Protect – Anti-oxidative effect to protect against environmental damage
• Regenerate – Stimulate cell rejuvenation and prevent the ageing of skin cells
• Hydrate – Stimulate microcirculation to supply water and nutrition to skin cells
• Repair – Stimulate skin cell turnover to repair damaged skin
• Restore – Promote cell renewal
• Soothe – Anti-inflammatory effect to calm sensitivity, redness and allergies

Le Revital Intense Cell Activator –
High Strength Skin Rejuvenating Essence

placenta skin care

Just a few drops of Le Revital Intense Cell Activator restore your skin to its youthful firmness and glow. A revolutionary skin essence combining the coveted anti-ageing properties of VF Nano Placenta Extract and
Umbilical Extracts; infused with Roman Chamomile Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, it penetrates deeply into skin to invigorate cells and counteract cell degeneration. Be awed by its healing effects on all skin problems, even on laser-treated skin!

Amazing Cell Activating Ingredients

placenta skin care

Unparalleled Quality, Unmatched Efficacy

1. Premium Quality
VF Nano Placenta Extract
 is derived from stringently selected, quality porcine sources from Japan. It is
developed under stringent quality control and safety standards approved by the Japan Health Food Association
and trusted by leading anti-ageing clinics in Japan.

2. All-Natural Formula
Light weight, non-oily and non-comedogenic, it is highly bioactive yet free of chemicals typically found in commercial skin care. It also does not contain fragrances, colouring, surfactants, mineral oil, silicon, lanolin or phenoxyethanol.

3. Highly Purity and Concentration
Employing specialised cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation and nanofiltration technology, high levels of
bioactive contents are retained while all unwanted impurities are eliminated.

ageless banner

4. Proven Results and Superior Efficacy
More than 40 years of placenta research, backed by a strong heritage in life sciences development and a leader
in nano placenta cellular technology. Le Revital contains growth factors naturally derived from VF Nano
Placenta Extract to promote cell activation, rejuvenation and skin cell repair for youthful looking skin.

Scientifically Proven Benefits

1. Promote Youthful Skin
• Accelerate cell renewal; delay premature ageing to retain youthful skin

2. Lighten Pigmentation, Improve Skin Luminosity and Fairness
• Potent antioxidant to inhibit the formation of melanin, lighten pigmentation and age spots
• Promote rapid recovery from damage caused by UV rays

3. Increase Skin Firmness and Reduce Signs of Ageing
• Promote collagen production to increase skin firmness and reduce wrinkles

4. Deep Hydration
• Control sebaceous secretion and moisture balance

5. Anti-inflammatory and Fast Healing
• Soothe sensitive skin and inflammation caused by heat, sunburn and foreign aggravators
• Repair wounds and suppress scar formation especially after laser or medical treatment

Transform your skin in 1 week

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Scientific Studies and Case Study

1. Skin Healing Effects After Laser Treatement
The study was based on 105 subjects who used Le Revital immediately after laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
treatment. It is applied on the treated area 3 times a day. The level of skin improvement is observed. Scores are kept according to internationally recognised GAIS standards. Results show:

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2. Lighten Pigmentation, Improve Skin Luminosity and Fairness
Potent antioxidant to inhibit the formation of melanin, lighten pigmentation and age spots. Promote rapid
recovery from damage caused by UV rays.

ageless banner

3. Anti-inflammatory Effects on Skin
Hyaluronidase activity in the body, acts as an indicator of inflammation effect, which contributes to skin ageing.

ageless banner

4. Anti-ageing effects
Reduction in collagen-producing fibroblast cells with increasing age is considered as one of the main causes of
ageing. A higher level of fibroblasts after application of placenta indicates better anti-ageing effect on skin.

ageless banner

Case Study on Atopic Dermatitis

Patient has Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) condition on the face. Patient consumed 1 capsule of Le Ageless and applied Le Revital 3 to 4 times daily. After 6 months of treatment, her skin dryness and redness skin improved remarkably.

ageless banner

Suitable for all skin types to defend premature ageing; and individuals with skin conditions such as:
• Pigmentation, age spots
• Dull complexion, uneven skin tone
• Pimples and scars
• Dehydrated skin
• Saggy skin
• Wrinkles, crow’s feet
• Post-laser treatment care
• Atopic dermatitis
• Hypersensitivity, flushed skin
• Hyperkeratosis
• Vitiligo

Contents: 4 vials

5 ( 5 / 5 )
My best beauty investment so far! I’m so happy that my skin is smoother and brighter since I started on Le Ageless and Le Revital. Pigmentations have also lightened and I dare to go out without my face powder. I will continue with this regime.

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