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Skin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel

-11% Skin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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Proper cleansing is the key to healthy beautiful skin. Removing all traces of makeup and impurities allows your skin a renewed freedom to breathe and absorb the goodness of your skincare nutrients. Without proper cleansing, excess sebum, dirt and makeup residue clog pore, resulting in acne and blackheads.


Unique among other Cleansing Oils

1: Effective cleansing with Active Dissolving System (ADS)

Harnessing Nature’s very best, AFC Skin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel contains sixteen renowned botanical ingredients for nourishing and hydrating delicate skin while cleansing effectively with its unique Active Dissolving System. It actively dissolves stubborn makeup and unclogs pores to rid visible blackheads, and gentle enough for use on the delicate eye area.

Active Dissolving System of AFC Essential Cleansing Oil reaches deep into pores to dissolve excess sebum, keratin plugs, stubborn waterproof makeup, pore-clogging impurities and blackheads. Rinses off easily for a smooth feeling.


2. Infused with 90.8% of Beauty Ingredients (16 Natural Botanical Ingredients)


14 botanical oils


2 botanical extracts


3. Non-comedogenic, Hypoallergenic, free from synthetic fragrances, paraben, colorants and mineral oil

AFC Skin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel is free from synthetic fragrances, paraben, colorants and mineral oil. With the non-allergenic ingredients, it does not irritate nor cause pimples, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. With the light texture, it is non-comedogenic, you can apply to your skin easily to rid the pore-clogging impurities and makeup residue.


4. Powerful Hydrophilic Properties

A fusion of botanical oils combined with water to create a light emulsion and a protective barrier that gently removes tough waterproof makeup while protecting and moisturizing skin for a longer period of time. Gentle emulsion formula is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


5. Gel-like Cleansing Oil

It is an oil-in-gel form, extremely gentle to the skin, yet effective in deep cleansing with no greasy residue


6. One-step cleansing - Quick and Easy

No messy oil-spilling, cleansing is easy and convenient with with AFC Skin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel.


AFC Skin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel the first step towards clear skin

  1. Superior skin cleaning properties
    • Cleaning deep down into pores
    • Dissolve and remove dirt, oil and stubborn makeup without clogging pores
  2. Effortless washing
    • Powerful hydrophilic and emulsifying properties allow you to effortlessly and thoroughly remove dirt and stubborn makeup with gentle touch
  3. Moisturise, Nourish and Balance Skin
    • Natural soothing properties
    • Balance skin’s sebum and pH level
    • Improve microcirculation for healthy glow
    • Retain skin moisture
    • Prevent premature aging of skin
    • Prevents blackhead and acne formation
    • Evens out skin tone for fairer, clearer complexion

Recommend for those who:

  • Wish to remove makeup, dirt and sebum on the face
  • Have problem or dislike heavy texture of other cleansers
  • Prefer natural, plant-based products

New and Improved Formula


AFC Essential Cleansing Oil

AFC SKin Moist Botanical Cleansing Oil-Gel

Form Oil Gel-like Oil
Double Cleansing Recommended Not Necessary
Moisturizing Ingredients Contains 4 Botanical Oils with Moisturizing Effects Contains 14 Botanical Oils and 2 Botanical Extracts with Moisturizing Effects

 Contents: 150ml

Size 150ml
5 ( 5 / 5 )
My skin tends to become dry and sensitive after I applied make-up. I always use this gentle cleanser to deep cleanse my face while nourishing the skin. I feel refreshed, and my skin stays soft and moist.

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