OmaxPure™ Omega-3 Fish Oil

Because our body cannot produce omega-3 on its own, many turn to fish oil to supplement to solve this deficiency. This also means that we should be looking out for the omega-3 mass in the fish oil.

Omega-3 has powerful benefits for the body and the brain. From protecting the heart and easing inflammation to improving mental health.


Fish oil supplements may look similar on the outside, but the potency and benefits can vary drastically! It depends on the fish source, extraction technology and omega-3 mass in the fish oil.


The efficacy of a fish oil correlates with the omega-3 concentration. A research shows that more omega-3 (EPA and DHA) can be detected in the body when a more concentrated fish oil is consumed as compared to multiple lower concentrated fish oils.


As high dosage fish oil can have blood thinning effect, it is advisable for persons taking blood thinners, such as aspirin, clopidogrel and warfarin to get a medical advice prior to taking fish oil supplements.

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OmaxPure offers omega-3 in a super absorbable re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) form. Much more bioavailable than the other more common and cheaper alternatives– TG and EE forms, fish oil in rTG form is better tolerated with less gastrointestinal side effects and can be absorbed and utilised more easily by the body. That also means that OmaxPure™ can deliver higher doses of omega-3 in smaller amounts of fish oil, thereby allowing each capsule to be highly concentrated, holding up to 90% of omega-3.



Employing Supercritical CO2 Extraction from a 3-layer purification process, this highly advanced purification and concentration technology does not use high heat or toxic solvents, making it more superior to molecular distillation. Maintainingthe freshness of fish oilwith this oxygen-free manufacturing process,the fishoil extract is pure and odourless. Heavy metals, cholesterol, other toxic contaminants and solvent residues are removed.


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For environmental sustainability reasons and to ensure maximum freshness, OmaxPureTM only uses small fish sources. Also lower in the food chain, it is less contaminated than bigger fish sources.

To maintain maximum freshness, the fish will be processed in GMP-certified manufacturing facilities located close to or at the harbour.

OmaxPureTM is extremely fresh and does not oxidise easily. The absence of reflux or fishy burps is its marker of freshness; unlike other fish oil supplements which would already be oxidised and need an enteric coating to mask the fishy taste of the oxidised fish oil. Rancid fish oil is linked to several detrimental health effects such as an increase of bad cholesterol levels, premature ageing, inflammation, plaque build-up in the arteries, increased free radical generation in the body and even organ damage.

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As seen from the diagram, capsules encapsulated with OmaxFreshTM technology releases the contents within 20 minutes. There is little difference between the duration it takes to release from the 1st month and the 4th month. Further enhancing and reinforcing its freshness capability, OmaxPureTM is fortified with antioxidants help combat oxidation and rancidity, as well as provide additional health benefits.

• Powerful antioxidant, help minimise free-radical damage to the body

• Gets absorbed and utilised 2 times more efficiently than the synthetic form

• Complements and enhances the benefits of fish oil - anti-inflammation, improved skin health and brain function

• Strong antioxidant capacity, synergistic antioxidant effect with natural vitamin E
• Helps delay the onset of oxidation
• Neutralise free radicals
• Help boost immune system
• Improve blood circulation
• Improve digestion
• Protect against brain ageing
• Promote eye health

To reap the full nutritional benefits, a person has to take the recommended omega-3 dosage daily. But, how many fish oil capsules will it take?

The expiry date and smell of the fish oil can give some indication of the freshness of the fish oil. But for a good measure of the quality and freshness, a responsible fish oil manufacturer will commission an independent testing organisation who does not benefit financially from the test results to test their products. It is important to ensure the fish oil abides by international standards set by third party omega-3 trade bodies such as GOED.

Independent third party organisationsexist to set recommendedinternationalstandards and criteriafor fish oil manufacturersto comply by.Such organisations include:




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