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LipoDOWN2 x2 Free ActiveSLIM

LipoDOWN2 x2 Free ActiveSLIM

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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Product Code: AFC445
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24H Power Fat Burning

AFC LipoDOWN2 is a clinically proven formula to fuel fat burning round-the-clock, even while you are at rest. Enhanced with APF Fat Reduction Factors, the new proprietary formula is 200% more powerful to support sustainable fat loss, for visible inch and weight loss.

  • Targets fat and inch loss in the tummy, thighs and hips
  • Reduces calorie absorption from dietary fat
  • Promotes thermogenesis, increases metabolism for maximum fat burning
  • Helps shrink bulky fat cells and blocks formation of new fat cells
  • Helps regulate appetite and promotes sense of fullness
  • Supports reduction of organ fat and body fat
  • Supports healthy blood lipid and blood sugar levels

The new and improved AFC LipoDOWN2 comes enhanced with the revolutionary APF Fat Reduction Factors to burn fat, boost metabolism and eliminate fat calories. APF Fat Reduction Factors trigger multiple fat reduction actions to help combat the unsightly bulges and shed excess weight safely and naturally.

Comprising a potent combination of Apple Polyphenols and Fucoxanthin, the APF Fat Reduction Factors are natural substances extracted at high purity from unripe apples and Japanese brown seaweed respectively. 100% manufactured in Japan, the natural active substances in AFC LipoDOWN2 require advanced Japan's patented extraction technology to ensure the strict potency and efficacy markers are met.

Clinical studies have reported that these active substances in AFC LipoDOWN2 can boost metabolic rate up to 22%, and trigger your body's fat burning capacity even while at rest. A higher metabolic rate helps you burn calories more effectively for natural fat and weight loss.

Daily Dose4 softgels daily

3x Accelerated Fat Burning

AFC ActiveSLIM is a clinically proven formula to fuel 3x more fat burning whenever you move. Its rapid fat burning ability makes every body movement work harder for you. Packed with 4 Active Thermo-Factors, it effectively transforms and shapes your body towards a slimmer silhouette.

  • Fuels fat burning for weight and inch loss
  • Reduces fat and calorie storage
  • Converts fat and glucose into energy
  • Improves body definition and shape
  • Increases metabolism and slows age-related metabolic decline
  • Increases calories burning during workout

Clinically Proven, Weight and Inch Loss in 4 Weeks*

Daily Dose 4 capsules in the morning or before exercise

Size 60 softgels x 2 + 120 capsules
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