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Marked improvement in his cough condition.

My 4-year-old son, Emery, had been coughing every night since September 2003. There was phlegm and mucus from the cough. Consequently, it affected his sleep quality. In early December 2003, a client recommended Lifestream’s Cordyceps stroma for my son as her toddler had witnessed significant improvement in his persistent cough from the Cordyceps stroma. I consulted my family doctor on administering Cordyceps to my child. He said Cordyceps is a relatively safe herb. After administering Cordyceps stroma to Emery for only a week, ie. 4 doses, I was amazed that there was already marked improvement in his cough condition. He recovered completely by mid January 2004, although he continued eating his favourite snacks like sweets, ice-cream and fast food all these while. Luckily, he also loves eating Cordyceps stroma decocted in hot water. To him, he knows that the stroma keeps his cough at bay. As Lifestream Cordyceps stroma is safe and effective, I intend to administer it to Emery regularly for health maintenance purpose.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Alice Lim and son, Emery Chua (4-year-old)

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