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VISION CARE Are you worried about age-related vision issues? Protect your eyes with the improved AFC Ultimate Vision PRO, an enhanced formula from AFC’s bestselling eye supplement, Ultimate Vis.. Read More
'POWER' UP YOUR HEALTH   SUPER OPCs by LABO Nutrition helps you to defend against cellular damage, which causes premature ageing and chronic health problems. It is made with potent .. Read More
BE RENEWED WITH GOOD INTESTINAL HEALTH Waste build-up in your intestines can increase bacterica and affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. CHŌ Renew contains 170 billion probiotics wi.. Read More
Clean and Cool AFC SHOKAIGAN Amino Acid Cool Shampoo, $39.90. Available at Unity pharmacies .. Read More
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Today, Wednesday, 19 October 2016
VISION CARE Are you worried about age-related vision issues? Protect your eyes with the improved AFC Ultimate Vision PRO, an enhanced formula from AFC’s bestselling eye supplement, Ultimate Vision. AFC Ultimate Vision PRO contains 150mg of FloraGLO lutein extract (equivalent to 30mg of free-form lutein) and 2mg of ZeaOne Zeaxanthin, both of which are directly asorbed by the human body, as well as other key nutrients. Other forms of lutein usually need to be broken down first before they can be absorbed and utilised by the body. The higher level of free-form lutein also helps to lower ..
TODAY, 28 Apr 2016
'POWER' UP YOUR HEALTH   SUPER OPCs by LABO Nutrition helps you to defend against cellular damage, which causes premature ageing and chronic health problems. It is made with potent antioxidants - oligometric proanthocyndins (OPCs) that may help to promote healthy ageing.   Containing 150mg of French OPcs, the supplement has a proprietary blend of French martime pine bark, grape seed and red wine. Combine with bilberry extract, citrus bioflavonoids extract and Vitamin C, the supplement delivers antioxidant protection and nutritional benefits to the body. SUPER OPCs b..
TODAY, 19 May 2016
BE RENEWED WITH GOOD INTESTINAL HEALTH Waste build-up in your intestines can increase bacterica and affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. CHŌ Renew contains 170 billion probiotics with prebiotics and other nutrients to promote the growth of friendly bacteria. According to the manufacturer,  CHŌ Renew helps to reduce constipation and diarrhoea by supporting healthy bowel movement. It is also said to boost your immune system, increase energy levels and improve skin clarity. CHŌ Renew (15 powder form sachets) retails at S$44.30 at Unity Pharmacies and selected Watsons..
MLifestyle, February 2016
Clean and Cool AFC SHOKAIGAN Amino Acid Cool Shampoo, $39.90. Available at Unity pharmacies ..
TODAY, 28 Jan 2016
BUILD UP HEALTHY JOINTS AND BONES According to the Singapore Health Promotion Board, studies have shown that one in every five people who sustained osteoprorotic hip fractures died within a year. Do not leave the health of your bones and joints to chance. AFC Joint Sensei Supreme is a bone and joint oral supplement that is said to help with the following: Repair and rebuild joint tissues, Reduce bone and joint inflammation, Relieve pain, Regain flexibility and strengthen bones If you are experiencing pain in your knees, back and hips, or stiffness and cracking in the joints, or h..
MLifestyle, October 2014

The TRUTH About Enzymes:

Not many people know what enzymes are or how important they are in our daily lives. Here are some interesting facts about enzymes for you to “digest”:

MLifestyle, August 2015

Getting to the heart of matters

Heart diseases are common in our modern society and one risk factor is due to an elevated level in triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood. Individuals with high blood lipid levels are more likely to have metabolic syndromes such as high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which can lead to chronic illnesses.

MLifestyle, August 2015

Microscopic helpers that flush out your health problems

Not all bacteria make you ill, did you know there are good bacteria in your intestines that keep you healthy too? When an intestine is dirty, it’s overrun by bad bacteria that produce toxins and cause food to rot and decay in the gut. This intestinal waste build-up will soon become the incubator for health problems such as poor immunity, allergy, lethargy, bloatedness, bad breath and more.

MLifestyle, June 2015

Boost your body’s good bacteria, help them multiply.

The Royal Society of Medicine, U.K. reported in recent years that almost 90% of most chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy gastrointestinal system, primarily in the colon.

Guard Your Gut High levels of bad bacteria in your intestines can lead to health issues such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, food and skin allergies, as well as chronic fatigue. Biogenics 16 by LABO Nutrition may help improve your gut health. Neither a prebiotic nor a probiotic, Biogenics 16 is a lactic acid bacteria (LAB) fermented extract. It does not directly introduce good bacteria to your digestive system, but promotes the growth of good resident bacteria in your gut. It is said to help improve bowel movement, gut flora, vitality and immunity, kidney and oral health, as well..

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Broad Spectrum Eye Protection AFC Japan’s Diamond Vision is specially formulated to protect eyes from oxidative damage brought about by increased exposure to harmful UV rays from strong lightings and blue light emission from screens of electronic gadgets. Its proprietary blend of four potent carotenoids, Astaxanthin, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Northern European Bilberry extracts, offers total vision protection and care by reducing accommodative stress, promoting healthy eye pressure levels and improving micro-circulation and visual acuity.  Stand to WIN One Carat Diamond (see lifestrea..
Thank You For Your Support AFC Is The Top Supplement Brand in NTUC Unity Popular Choice Award 2013 Trusted by millions in Japan since 1969, AFC has innovated many products by using the best to deliver the best. Backed by its highly qualified research team in collaboration with leading universities, AFC has forged a reputation as the leader in anti-aging science with products that consumers have come to love and trust. AFC Ultimate Vision 6-Year Best Selling Eye Care Supplement Comprehensive Eye Care Formula with highest 25mg FloraGLO® Lutein, 46% DHA and Bilberry extracts f..
Round-The-Clock, Power Fat Burning  AFC Japan’s LipoDOWN2 uses ingredients such as polyphenols from unripe green apple skin and fucoxanthin from wakame seaweed, is able to work at cellular level to shrink fats cells and increase metabolism for maximum fat burning throughout your day.    ..
Effortless slimming for Sedentary Lifestyles With sedentary lifestyle habits and over eating as common reasons for undesirable weight gain, LipoDOWN 2 works effectively to burn the body’s stored fat and help lose excess weight.  LipoDOWN 2 works even while the body is at rest, by continuously burning the body’s stored fat, improving metabolic rate and blocking the excess calories from turning into fat. It is clinically proven to work at the cellular level to shrink massive fat cells and increase fat metabolism for maximum fat burning round the clock. Extracte..
Brain Gains You’ve read all about how DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is a vital brain-building nutrient, now you can reap all its benefits for your little learner. AFC Ultimate DHA70, a concentrated fish oil supplement for infants, children and mums-to-be, supports junior’s brain development and boosts his memory, learning and concentration. This premium grade fish oil is derived from the eye sockets of deep-sea tuna, which contain the most potent DHA. Safe even for infants, simply squeeze the oil from one softgel into your baby’s milk or food. It’s also good for la..
Sedentary lifestyles and uncontrolled diet can lead to weight gain easily. You need to increase metabolism to reduce body fat level, burn stored body fat and prevent formation of new fat cells. An improved formula, AFC LipoDOWN 2 now contains 2 powerful APF Fat Reduction Factors to burn and reduce body fat, increase metabolism and to target at unsightly stubborn bulges for visible inch, weight and fat loss. It is free from caffeine, diuretics, laxatives and stimulants.  ..
Loss x Loss x Loss Get help losing unsightly bulges with AFC LipoDOWN 2, which burn fats continuously and blocks excess calories from turning into fat – without any side effects! Thanks to the concentrated blend of Apple Polyphenols and Fucoxanthin from Activated Japanese Wakame Seaweed, your metabolic rate is increased and triggers the shrinking of bulky fat cells to promote weight loss even while resting! At $92.90, available at Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Robinsons, John Little, OG and other leading pharmacies. ..
Redefine Your Body Lose those extra pounds with AFC LipoDown 2. The new and improved formula contains a concentrated blend of apple polyphenols and fucoxanthin, and is ideal for those with sedentary lifestyles. The supplement helps shrink fat cells, block excess calories from turning into fat and increase the metabolic rate for maximum fat burning round the clock. It does not contain caffeine, laxatives, diuretics and stimulants.  For those with more active lifestyles, complement your workout with AFC ActiveSLIM. The supplement helps transform your body into a fat-burning powe..
Brain Food Feed your brain with essential DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) for optimal brain functioning. DHA is important for children, adults and the elderly as both growing and ageing brains need DHA for healthy cognitive development and mood regulation.  AFC Ultimate DHA 70 contains natural triglyceride DHA formula extracted from the Deep Sea Tuna’s eye sockets. With pure DHA:EPA ratio of 70:1, this superior formula is absorbed directly through the tight blood-brain barrier of brain tissues with minimal interference from non-permeable oils, such as EPA.  AFC Ultimate DHA ..
Ultimate Brain Food AFC Ultimate DHA 70 is a high potency natural Triglyceride DHA formula, specifically extracted from the eye sockets of Deep Sea Tuna which contain the most potent DHA with the purest DHA:EPA ratio of 70:1. The DHA gets absorbed directly through the tight Blood-Brain Barrier of brain tissues with minimal interference from non-permeable oils such as EPA. Regular consumption of AFC Ultimate DHA 70 has been proven to help improve overall brain function for growing foetuses, infants, children, adults and elders. Exclusively available at NTUC Unity at $79.90 for ..
All Natural Green Juice for Beauty All natural AFC Green Beauty is a small molecular, readily absorbable blend of micronized Organic Greens with Micro-Collagen Peptides. It helps in alkalinizes body pH, promotes cellular repair and renewal and provides free radical protection. It is good for renewed body and glowing skin. Individually packed, people with busy lifestyle can enjoy the convenience of a perfect dual detox and beauty combination anywhere, anytime daily. Simple mix and gently stir 1 sachet of AFC Green Beauty in hot or cold water. You may also add to milk, honey or soy milk for a..
Natural Slimming Tea for Slimming and Detox All natural AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea comprises a synergistic blend of eight premium teas which are Adlay Seed, Candle Bush, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Sicklepod Tea, Du Zhong, Gymnema Leaf and Rooibos Tea. While promoting health and natural slimming, it also helps to relieve water retention and flush out toxins from the body. Rich in powerful antioxidant, AFC Tobashi Slimming Tea is all natural with no laxative effect, free from additives, pesticides, preservatives and colorings, suitable for daily consumption. Exclusively availabl..
Heads up Japanese men generally have thick hair, thanks to a diet comprising kombu, a brown seaweed used mainly to make stock. Clinical testing shows that it’s the active ingredient Fucoidan that’s responsible for healthy hair growth. But with age and stress, even the Japanese start losing hair and need a Fucoidan booster. AFC King Konboo hair rejuvenation system to the rescue! So effective in Japan that it’s been classified a quasi-drug, King Konboo’s three-step regime of shampoo ($48), hair essence ($76.90) and oral supplement ($61) ta..
Hair today, more tomorrow Male pattern balding results in hair loss at the crown, a receding hairline or various permutations of balding peculiar to men. Women’s hair loss is more diffused, resulting in thinner hair all over. For men, the reason is the production of the male hormone DHT. As balding affects men psychologically, dealing a blow to self esteem that can send some to psychiatrists and to desperate measures like flicking strands to hide a smooth pate, men should do everything possible to save their hair. The Japanese discovered it’s the kombu, a brown seaweed they eat ..
AFC King Konboo Hair Loss Treatment Promote hair growth and prevent hair loss with AFC King Konboo’s three-step treatment. The shampoo (S$48) deep cleanses to unclog hair follicles for maximum nutrient absorption. The oil-free tonic essence (S$76.90) nourishes hair and scalp to  encourage micro-circulation while the supplement (S$61) strengthens hair follicles and reduce thinning. Available at Unity Healthcare pharmacies. ..

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