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After taking Ultimate Vision daily for 3-4 months, my blurred vision gradually improved. When I went to the doctor for a routine check-up, he was amazed at the improvements in my eye health, particularly my eye muscles. Now, I am able to adjust my viewing distances without straining my eyes.
- Mary Chan, 53 years old
Two weeks after taking Le Ageless, my hot flushes had reduced significantly and I felt more energetic. My sleep quality improved, skin became firmer and I felt revitalised.
- Renna Wong, 40s
I had swelling and brown discolouration on my lower legs. My veins were also purplish and protruding due to poor circulation. Three months ago, I started consuming SUPER OPCs daily. The swellings subsided after 3 weeks and discolouration has lightened. Now I feel healthier and happier.
- Mdm Kok, 85 years old

My grandpa could get onto his wheelchair without assistance.

My Grandfather is 90 years old. He underwent surgery about three weeks ago. He was very weak after the surgery and was totally bed-ridden thereafter. ..

Pee Poh Hoon, Pasir Ris Dr 10

Lifestream Group - AFC Japan - Excellent Ingredients & Formulations

BRM360° -20%
  Lifestream BRM360° stands for ‘Biological Response Modifiers’ ..
S$118.60 S$94.87
Based on 27 reviews.

ABM Immuno Advance -20%
You are a reflection of how hard your immune functions, if you are sick often, it is a tell tale..
S$55.98 S$44.78
Based on 24 reviews.

Greenhouse Cordyceps Stroma 60s capsules x 2 + 10 capsules -35%
The high quality strain of Lifestream Greenhouse Cordyceps Stroma™ has its origin from Qingh..
S$142.81 S$93.45

Biogenics 16 -15%
“Every individual’s good bacteria strain is uniquely different from another. Ex..
S$64.39 S$54.67
Based on 51 reviews.

  OPCs Combat Free Radicals  to Fight Premature Ageing  Antioxidan..
S$58.80 S$44.00
Based on 52 reviews.

Ultimate Enzyme - Buy 2 free FloraGenesis 10 sachets -20%
  Enzymes are essentially the backbone of proper nutrition and digestion. Th..
S$102.80 S$82.23
Based on 30 reviews.

Great Benefits: ✓ Energise & relieve tiredness ✓ Improve Skin Condition ✓ Boost Immunit..

Brazilian Green Propolis Extract -15%
  Nature's Remedy for Good Immune Health Employing the latest extraction meth..
S$64.30 S$54.64
Based on 16 reviews.

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