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Tips for managing gastric problem

Posted by nutritionist 09/03/2017 0 Comment(s) specific concern,gastrointestinal health,

If you are experiencing gastric problems such as gastric pain, acid reflux and heartburn, here are some tips to help you to relieve the problem:


• Eat on time and avoid skipping meals. This will accustom your stomach to release gastric juices only during meal time and avoid overproduction of gastric juices.


• Eat smaller but more frequent meals. Have five to six smaller meals a day, rather than three large meals to prevent indigestion.


• Avoid spicy, sour, deep fried foods to allow your stomach to heal faster.


• Cut down intake of alcohol. Excessive intake of alcohol may weaken your stomach’s protective lining, making you more susceptible to ulcers.


• Manage your stress well. High stress increases the production of gastric juices in your stomach.


• Take probiotics high-resistant bacteria strain to promote good digestion and maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

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