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5 reasons to eat more antioxidant

Posted by nutritionist 11/05/2016 0 Comment(s) specific concern,

Free radicals don’t sleep or take vacations. Hence, it is important to eat more antioxidant to help you fight free radicals and protect you from a number of diseases. Here are some reasons to maintain an antioxidant-rich diet:


• Protect your heart: Antioxidant helps to keep LDL cholesterol at bay and protects the heart from plague formation.


• Protect your DNA: Free radicals can damage the DNA of healthy cells, and cause them to reproduce uncontrollably and form tumours.


• Control diabetes complications: High blood sugar can speed up production of unusually nasty free radicals which results in complication such as eye problem, kidney disease and skin infection.


• Defend against dementia: Free radicals seem to be the cause amyloids, proteins that clumped in the brain and are characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.


• Save your sight: Antioxidant protects your eye from free radical damage that may lead to premature ageing in the eyes and blur vision.


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