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Ultimate DHA70 Exp 06/2021

-44% Ultimate DHA70 Exp 06/2021

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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Revolutionary Breakthrough - DHA supplement unlike any others

Ultimate DHA70 – 7 Reasons why it is Your SMART Choice


  1. Highest Efficacy High DHA and low EPA enables DHA to penetrate Blood-Brain Barrier 
  2. Highest Potency Gold Standard DHA:EPA ratio of 70:1
  3. Highest Purity Proprietary purification & extraction technology from Japan
  4. Highest Safety Proprietary refining & distillation process to ensure it is free from harmful metals, PCB, DDT, other pollutants as well as flavouring, colouring & preservatives
  5. All Natural Triglyceride form for easy digestion & delivery to tissues of the brain & eyes
  6. Highest Quality Extracted from the fatty part of Deep Sea Tuna eye socket that contains the highest DHA
  7. Scientifically Researched & Developed Collaborative research by Nihon Medical Laboratory with Medical Department of Shimane University and Jinjukai Kato Hospital


Benefits of Ultimate DHA70:

Supports brain development of fetuses, babies and children

For memory, learning, attention and concentration

Delays age-related cognitive degeneration

Relieves anxiety, hyperactivity and attention-deficit

Supports eye function

Promotes heart healthUltimate DHA 70 is voted as Best of the Best Babies & Kids Products, year 2013. It is also featured in Mother&Baby and LiveWell Baby magazines.

AFC Ultimate DHA70 is voted by parents as 'Best of the Best Babies & Kids Products' year 2013 and 2014.
It is also featured in leading pregnancy and baby magazines: Mother&Baby and LiveWell Baby.



What is DHA?
Docoxahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a type of omega-3 fatty acid and is most abundant in the brain and retina. EPA is also a type of omega-3 fatty acid. Fish oil or omega-3 oil contains both DHA and EPA but the ratios are variable. DHA is an important 'health food' that is used as a nutritional supplement to enrich some foods as DHA from food sources is often insufficient. On the other hand, EPA does not cross brain barrier to support brain functions.

DHA - An Important Brain Food
60% of our brain tissues are made of fats and DHA occupies 10% of them. Required by our body to manufacture healthy brain cells, DHA is essential for healthy brain and cognitive development - memory, learning and visual acuity in children and adults. Unfortunately, our body does not produce adequate DHA to support the daily optimal functioning of our brain, hence it is important to include DHA from diet or supplements.

Research shows that DHA has beneficial effects on brain functions, especially cognitive abilities and memory. In fact, there are two windows of time in which the brain is especially sensitive to nutrition – growing children and elderly people. A deficiency in DHA is associated with poor memory and Attention Deficit Disorder in children, while in adults, it is related to cognitive decline, psychiatric disorders such as depression and Alzheimer's disease.

"Toddlers whose mothers had higher DHA at birth were observed to have better attention spans during free-play than mothers with lower DHA status.” Developmental Neuropsychology (2009), Department of Psychology, Loyola University, Chicago


DHA Brain-Building Effects

Birth to Age 1 Most rapid brain growth with brain tripling in size
Age 2 Brain is 80% the size of an adult's brain
Age 5 Brain grows to 90% the size of an adult's brain
Age 10-12 Brain develops to its full size
Age 40 & above Brain volume decreases about 5% per decade
Age 70 & above Accelerating rate of decline in brain volume


Ultimate DHA70 & Brain Benefits for Infants, Children & Elderly


Pregnant & Lactating Mother

  • DHA is transferred across placenta to fetuses for brain and eye development
  • Infants receive DHA from breast milk
  • Higher maternal DHA is associated with higher intelligence score, better behavioral and eye developments


  • Vital for brain and eye development in fetuses, babies and growing children
  • Supports healthy birth weight and gestational period
children dha70


  • Promotes memory, learning ability and concentration
  • Relieves anxiety, hyperactivity & attention deficit problems
dha is helpful for elderly people


  • Helps delay age-related cognitive and neurological decline
  • Better eye and heart health


Ultimate DHA70 is superior in many ways: 

  1. High Potency, Bioavailability & Purity
    Highly concentrated DHA 70%, with very low EPA 1% provides high penetration of DHA into brain tissues. Natural DHA in triglyceride form is formulated for high bioavailability and effectiveness.
  2. Gold Standard DHA:EPA
    Extracted at the perfect DHA:EPA ratio at 70:1, AFC Ultimate DHA70 is a 100% premium grade fish oil derived from fatty part of precious tuna eye socket. Fish oil with high EPA and low DHA was found to interfere with early growth. Research has shown that using fish oil with EPA/DHA ratio of 1:10 did not compromise weight gain and resulted in higher mental development scores.
  3. Proprietary Purification Process
    Step 1: Only tuna eye sockets are selected to extract premium DHA70% fish oil.
    Step 2: Purification process takes place in GMP-certified production plant.
    Step 3: Solid fats and impurities are removed through repeated heating and boiling processes.
    Step 4: Distilled fish oil undergoes further processing using proprietary enzymatic technology. 
  4. Highly Researched Formula
    Scientifically researched by Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory in collaboration with Shimane University, Jinjukai Kato Hospital.
  5. Safety Assurance
    Stringent filtration and sterilization processes ensure AFC Ultimate DHA70 is free from heavy metals, contaminants and microbes. No preservatives, colourants and stabilizers are used in AFC Ultimate DHA70



EPA does not penetrate blood-brain barrier like DHA. High DHA, low EPA fish oil allows maximum of DHA penetration to exert optimal brain health and cognitive support.

"Clinical studies have concluded the positive benefits of DHA on the brain and cognitive functions. However, the right DHA potency level is crucial to penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier effectively to exert these positive effect. A DHA:EPA ratio of 70:1 triglyceride form has been found to provide optimal absorption and efficacy." 

Dr Kenichi Shiokawa, Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory, Japan

Contents: 455mg X 60 softgels

bottle 60 softgels
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