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VISION CARE Are you worried about age-related vision issues? Protect your eyes with the improved AFC Ultimate Vision PRO, an enhanced formula from AFC’s bestselling eye supplement, Ultimate Vis.. Read More
'POWER' UP YOUR HEALTH   SUPER OPCs by LABO Nutrition helps you to defend against cellular damage, which causes premature ageing and chronic health problems. It is made with potent .. Read More
BE RENEWED WITH GOOD INTESTINAL HEALTH Waste build-up in your intestines can increase bacterica and affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. CHŌ Renew contains 170 billion probiotics wi.. Read More
Clean and Cool AFC SHOKAIGAN Amino Acid Cool Shampoo, $39.90. Available at Unity pharmacies .. Read More
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Today, Wednesday, 19 October 2016
VISION CARE Are you worried about age-related vision issues? Protect your eyes with the improved AFC Ultimate Vision PRO, an enhanced formula from AFC’s bestselling eye supplement, Ultimate Vision. AFC Ultimate Vision PRO contains 150mg of FloraGLO lutein extract (equivalent to 30mg of free-form lutein) and 2mg of ZeaOne Zeaxanthin, both of which are directly asorbed by the human body, as well as other key nutrients. Other forms of lutein usually need to be broken down first before they can be absorbed and utilised by the body. The higher level of free-form lutein also helps to lower ..
TODAY, 28 Apr 2016
'POWER' UP YOUR HEALTH   SUPER OPCs by LABO Nutrition helps you to defend against cellular damage, which causes premature ageing and chronic health problems. It is made with potent antioxidants - oligometric proanthocyndins (OPCs) that may help to promote healthy ageing.   Containing 150mg of French OPcs, the supplement has a proprietary blend of French martime pine bark, grape seed and red wine. Combine with bilberry extract, citrus bioflavonoids extract and Vitamin C, the supplement delivers antioxidant protection and nutritional benefits to the body. SUPER OPCs b..
TODAY, 19 May 2016
BE RENEWED WITH GOOD INTESTINAL HEALTH Waste build-up in your intestines can increase bacterica and affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. CHŌ Renew contains 170 billion probiotics with prebiotics and other nutrients to promote the growth of friendly bacteria. According to the manufacturer,  CHŌ Renew helps to reduce constipation and diarrhoea by supporting healthy bowel movement. It is also said to boost your immune system, increase energy levels and improve skin clarity. CHŌ Renew (15 powder form sachets) retails at S$44.30 at Unity Pharmacies and selected Watsons..
MLifestyle, February 2016
Clean and Cool AFC SHOKAIGAN Amino Acid Cool Shampoo, $39.90. Available at Unity pharmacies ..
TODAY, 28 Jan 2016
BUILD UP HEALTHY JOINTS AND BONES According to the Singapore Health Promotion Board, studies have shown that one in every five people who sustained osteoprorotic hip fractures died within a year. Do not leave the health of your bones and joints to chance. AFC Joint Sensei Supreme is a bone and joint oral supplement that is said to help with the following: Repair and rebuild joint tissues, Reduce bone and joint inflammation, Relieve pain, Regain flexibility and strengthen bones If you are experiencing pain in your knees, back and hips, or stiffness and cracking in the joints, or h..
MLifestyle, October 2014

The TRUTH About Enzymes:

Not many people know what enzymes are or how important they are in our daily lives. Here are some interesting facts about enzymes for you to “digest”:

MLifestyle, August 2015

Getting to the heart of matters

Heart diseases are common in our modern society and one risk factor is due to an elevated level in triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood. Individuals with high blood lipid levels are more likely to have metabolic syndromes such as high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which can lead to chronic illnesses.

MLifestyle, August 2015

Microscopic helpers that flush out your health problems

Not all bacteria make you ill, did you know there are good bacteria in your intestines that keep you healthy too? When an intestine is dirty, it’s overrun by bad bacteria that produce toxins and cause food to rot and decay in the gut. This intestinal waste build-up will soon become the incubator for health problems such as poor immunity, allergy, lethargy, bloatedness, bad breath and more.

MLifestyle, June 2015

Boost your body’s good bacteria, help them multiply.

The Royal Society of Medicine, U.K. reported in recent years that almost 90% of most chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy gastrointestinal system, primarily in the colon.

Guard Your Gut High levels of bad bacteria in your intestines can lead to health issues such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, food and skin allergies, as well as chronic fatigue. Biogenics 16 by LABO Nutrition may help improve your gut health. Neither a prebiotic nor a probiotic, Biogenics 16 is a lactic acid bacteria (LAB) fermented extract. It does not directly introduce good bacteria to your digestive system, but promotes the growth of good resident bacteria in your gut. It is said to help improve bowel movement, gut flora, vitality and immunity, kidney and oral health, as well..


For Stamina and Hormonal Balance  “If you’re looking for an all-natural alternative to boost your vitality and sense of well-being, do consider Maca. Commonly referred to as the Eastern Viagra, the prized root promotes stamina, energy and sexual health and is ranked among the top 10 bestsellers in Japan… Additionally, Maca is also known to be beneficial for promoting a healthy hormonal system, thus promoting balance. This helps to ease symptoms associated with menopause (providing relief for hot flushes) and andropause – making it suitable for both..
Chef Devagi’s Weight-to-Go 1  Part 1, June 2009: Chef Devagi Sanmugam starts off her personal wellness journey weighing in at 69kg, with a phelgm problem that crops up whenever she takes cold drinks. She would like to lose a few kilos without doing anything drastic, and more importantly, wants to feel healthier and more energetic! We put her on a 6-month supply of 5 bestselling products: Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ capsules for overall wellbeing and better respiratory health (to help her phelgm problem). Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ GOLD, concentrated co..
Lutein for Bright Eyes, Healthy Vision  “Studies have shown that intake of at least 20mg of Lutein may help to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Lutein cannot be produced by the human body, so it is important to ensure that you get enough Lutein from your diet. A good source of Lutein can be found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, but you may need to take 6.5 large cups to obtain an equivalent of 20mg of Lutein. A good eye supplement is a worthy investment. Choose one which contains FloraGLO® Lutein, the leading bran..
Boost your Immunity  “The flu season is back with a vengeance! If you’re looking for something natural to bolster your immunity, consider Propolis. Look out for a higher content of flavonoids and Artepillin C (exclusive to Brazilian Propolis). The potency of Propolis is best retained in liquid form with a minimum maturation period of two years, which allows for it to be most effectively absorbed by the body. As testament to its effectiveness, Japan is the world’s biggest consumer of Brazilian Propolis, importing up to 90 percent of the total export from Brazil. Look out..
Listen to Your Body  “Stress and energy share an inverse relationship – the more stressed you are, the less energy you feel you have. While you cannot eradicate stress totally, you can learn to manage it better by tuning into your body. if you’re feeling snowed under from the demands of life and need a little boost to up those flagging energy levels, a useful herb to have near is Rhodiola-Rosea. This gentle herb is a natural adaptogen, which replenishes energy from within body cells for a sustained boost through the day. It helps your body overcome fatigue to cope with ..
Fuel for Thought  “We often take our memory for granted, so it’s alarming when, with age, comes increasing forgetfulness. Loss of words, misplaced objects, reduced ability to store new memories (eg. Forgetting names) occur as a result of aging, while oxidative damage could affect the neuron function (nerve cell network), and plays a part in many brain-related (neurodegenerative) functions. Your ability to remember increases when you exercise your memory and nurture it with a balanced diet, sound nutrition, adequate rest, and both physical and mental activities to keep your bo..
From Fat to Flab  “Battling the bulge can prove a lifetime struggle for some, and victory may mean a complete lifestyle overhaul to see results… Permanent weight loss requires a consistent ongoing effort. Apart from getting more exercise and getting the right foods in the right proportions, consider supplementing with the following natural ingredients: L-Carnitine (at least 500mg daily), which is able to burn fat deposits to aid in weight loss; Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant necessary for increasing energy levels and good metabolism; and lastly, if your ..
Hold Back Aging  “To keep joints padded and pain-free, take glucosamine with MSM and collagen. There are numerous brands available, but I personally take Lifestream’s Joint Matrix ($46.80, 240 caplets) and Collagen Beauty ($43.30, 270 caplets – special price now available). Some friends complain that glucosamine doesn’t help. This is because the formula they take comes without MSM, which is a pain reliever. If not for MSM, I wouldn’t be able to go down the stairs without wincing…. A supplement that doesn’t immediately show results but that the a..
Wellness: Sweet Sour News  “Beat the bloat with vinegar. Thankfully, there’s no need to drink the sour stuff. Kouzu Vinegar in softgel form has 20 times the concentration of regular vinegar. Also supposed to perk up sluggish metabolism, it’s believed to detox and aid slimming – what we need after the festive bingeing. For skin, the best you can do is replenish collagen. As collagen breaks down with age, lines form and skin sags…. When choosing a collagen supplement, go for something easily absorbed like mirco-peptides. AFC Collagen Beauty delivers shark car..
Oh, Behave!  “Shokaigan Intensive Hair Growth Tonic – the bestseller from Japan goes to the root of the hair loss problem with an arsenal of botanicals like licorice root, carrot, ginseng, sage and rosemary. Together, they revitalize inactive follicles, maintain scalp health while prolonging the hair growing phase. Lasts up to four months. Use with Shokaigan Intensive Scalp Therapy Shampoo, a citrusy-scented solution which foams well and has 10 types of amino acids to unclog follicles and strengthen hair shafts.” ..
Root Thoughts “As a natural alternative to hormone replacement or as a general all-purpose energy booster, try Maca. Not so familiar to us, maca is a root that grows in the mountains of Peru. Highly nutritious with vitamins, phytonutrients and amino acids, and amazingly, more calcium than milk, it’s one of those unusual herbs for both men and women – to counter both menopause and andropause symptoms, and boost libido. You really have to find out more from the Internet because even athletes take it for energy, and it works mainly by balancing hormones. Look out for AFC M..
Eye Power  "Alleviate eye conditions such as poor vision, eye fatigue and dryness with Ultimate Vision, a scientifically-researched eye supplement from AFC Japan that contains FloraGLO® Lutein extract. Containing antioxidants, it lowers the risks of cataracts or age-related macular degeneration." ..
Beauty Feature: The Anti-aging Pill  “Easy to swallow, AFC Collagen Beauty’s tiny collagen pills are tasteless and easily absorbed, and makes our skin feel bouncier after just two months. We’re hoping it reverses ageing on the inside as well.” ..
No Sad Sag “The best time to start looking after skin is before it’s damaged. However, if you’re like most of us, you’ll only panic at the sight of the first wrinkle or hyper-pigmentation spot. Whatever the state of your skin, take immediate steps to slow down further damage. Try collagen supplements which are popular in Japan for skin and even joint care. It’s a protein that, among other things, keeps skin firm as some 70 per cent of our skin consists of collagen… An affordable product is AFC Collagen Beauty… AFC is a reputable Japanese brand ..
The Wonder of Rice “Lower your cholesterol levels and enhance your health with Red Yeast Rice… The Lifestream Greenhouse Red Yeast Rice Complex™ is fermented from premium organic rice and works naturally to nourish the liver while supporting healthy cholesterol levels and heart health.” ..
A Boon for Aching Joints “I’ve experimented with various glucosamine supplements and now realize not all glucosamine is the same…if you’re in pain; a combi formula like the one in Joint Matrix might yield better and faster results. With three join nutrients, 2002 mg glucosamine hydrochloride, 1001mg Marine Matrix collagen, and OptiMSM (a high-purity, premium grade MSM), you are likely to be back to your usual mobility in a couple of weeks if your pain is due to joint wear and tear.” ..
Motherhood, Jan 2008
Renewed Vitality “Stay in the pink of health with Cordyceps Stroma GOLD™ from Lifestream , which produces a more potent and concentrated form of cordyceps, organically grown in a greenhouse, free from any contamination. The fungus is known for its health benefits – supporting your immune system and boosting the functioning of major organs.” ..
Collagen Revival A massive 70% of our skin consists of collagen… If your complexion is looking lack lustre lately, replenish it in time with Collagen Beauty. ..
Beauty Injestibles Collagen Booster. Collagen Beauty puts the bounce and elasticity back into your skin… Made from a blend of shark cartilage extract, fish collagen peptide and Vitamin C, this youth-in-a-pill ensures effective absorption and maximum collagen synthesis in the body so you get radiant, plumped-up skin. Fat Burner… A Japanese beauty supplement that contains a type of vinegar which is known to regular our body’s acidity levels, relieve muscle fatigue, regulate blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and stimulate fat burning… 20 times more pote..
Shroom Boom “Boost your health with the new BRM360°™. Packed with an ultra-concentrated essence taken from six types of mushrooms – lingzhi, yunzhi, maitake, shiitake, agaricus, blazei murill (ABM) and cordyceps – each capsule contains more than 60 per cent of active polysaccharides to help boost your immune system, fight free radical damage and protect against stresses.” ..
Nourish Your Eyes “With myopic rates increasing steadily in Singapore, parents will want to do all they can to protect their children’s eye health. AFC’sBlueberry-Lutein Eye Care formula provides the goodness of 200 bilberries a day to help reduce eye fatigue, strain and dryness, and improve vascular integrity and night vision.” ..
Mush-Room for Improvement Growing up a sickly child with a weak heart and plagued by various ailments, Rachel Ng is now a glowing picture of health. Read how the Lifestream Group Founder & CEO discovered organically cultivated cordyceps that turned her life around. ..
Fuel Your Body “Leading Japanese health supplement company AFC’s top-12 sellers are now available in Singapore… products to enhance beauty and vitality, detoxify the body, and rejuvenate the eyes and joints” ..
Woman of the World Take a peek at Lifestream Group CEO & Founder Rachel Ng’s travel essentials and what she never leaves home without! Besides her Bobbi Brown two-in-one rouge and lipstick for a healthy flush, Rachel never travels without Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ and Rhodiola-Rosea Cordyceps capsules for general health and energy needs, AFC Ultimate Vision for her eyes; Q10 for skin rejuvenation and Kouzu vinegar, which aids in digestion. ..
Fun with Fungi Polytechnic lecturer June Lim shares how cordyceps helped transform the health of her two young children, Samuel and Joshua, alleviating their bronchitis and allergy conditions. ..

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