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Established in 1969, AFC Japan is trusted by millions of Japanese for award-winning premium supplements for health, beauty and wellness needs. AFC Japan is the first Japanese health food company to be listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange, and first to be awarded Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) status.

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Hanamai Collagen (Porcine) -18%
AFC Hanamai Collagen (porcine) is a highly popular collagen supplement which has gathered a loya..
S$22.00 S$18.00
Based on 1 reviews.

Hanamai Collagen (Porcine) Sachet -31%
AFC Hanamai Collagen (porcine) is a highly popular collagen supplement which has gathered a loya..
S$22.00 S$15.20
Based on 1 reviews.

At least 1 in 5 women has iron deficiency!  Iron is an important trace min..
Based on 12 reviews.

Hyaluronic Acid Gold -10%
Quench the thirst of your skin with Hyaluronic Acid Gold水潤いの秘密 Do you see fine lines on your..
S$63.90 S$57.51
Based on 9 reviews.

Joint Sensei Supreme -5%
Are you experiencing any of these conditions that restrict your mobility? Millions of adults aro..
S$74.67 S$70.93
Based on 18 reviews.

PP UP -10%
Unleash the passion in you! Harness the prowess of PP.UP for optimal performance and satisfactio..
S$65.33 S$58.80
Based on 7 reviews.

Rare Sugar New -4%
Why We Should Watch Our Sugar Intake? We often hear that consuming high amounts of sugar is b..
S$18.50 S$17.80
Based on 7 reviews.

SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme New -10%
  Are You Affected By Any of These Problems Why Do We Have Joint Pain and Stiffne..
S$65.33 S$58.80
Based on 7 reviews.

Shokaigan Amino Acid Cool Shampoo -10%
You’re spoilt for choice when shopping for hair shampoo; but did you know that mas..
S$37.29 S$33.56
Based on 12 reviews.

Turmeric Concentrated Extract New -67%
Do you know that turmeric is more than just a spice for cooking? It is also a natural ingredient vi..
S$29.90 S$9.90
Based on 1 reviews.

  As you age, it is normal to experience some changes in your vision, such as diffic..
Based on 55 reviews.

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