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AFC Japan
TG Slim Drink
50ml x 10s

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Do you have stubborn abdominal fat to lose? Is your pot belly the bane of all jokes? Is your waist hip ratio above 0.85?

Have a bulge of fat at your waist? Conduct a simple self-check to assess your risk!

In standing position, pinch your side waist adjacent to the navel level with your thumb and forefinger.

1 inch or more, easy to pinch and flabby: You may have excess stubborn subcutaneous fat. It is harder to lose but has lower health risks as compared to high visceral fat.

Less than 1 inch, hard to pinch and skintight: You may have excess visceral fat. It is easier to lose but poses higher health risks.

*Above test serves as a simple self-check, it may not tell your health status accurately. It is possible to have excess subcutaneous and visceral fats at abdominal region.


Don’t Starve Yourself, Starve Your Fat Cells - Japan’s Highest Accredited Functional Slimming Health Drink

What is so unique about TG Slim Drink?

AFC TG Slim Drink is the foundation for healthy slimming. The secret ingredient is Globin Peptide, an all-natural protein, clinically proven with the amazing ability to remove “bad” fat. Globin Peptide is extracted from natural food sources using breakthrough enzymatic technology, which helps target and break down stubborn abdominal fat. This is the key ingredient in TG Slim Drink, a refreshing apple flavor one-a-day drink for easy, safe and effective slimming.

AFC TG Slim Drink is clinically-proven to be safe and effective – the only drink of its kind to be backed by 5 Japanese Patents and 4 International Patents.

Healthy fat cells may grow uncontrollably with constant increase in triglyceride levels. AFC TG Slim Drink helps control the expansion of fat cells, and shrinks fat cells into healthy sizes.

Once fat cells expand to a certain size, they multiply. Once they multiply and fill up to the maximum, they multiply again. The process repeats itself and create a dynamo effect, where the increase is irreversible. To stay slim, it is important to keep fat cells in check at healthy sizes and prevent any expansion. TG Slim Drink works by shrinking fat cells to healthy size.

What is FOSHU?

FOSHU is short for Foods for Specific Health Use. The FOSHU accredition is only given to a very selective list of approved foods and ingredeints with proven scientific evidence to support its health claims. The FOSHU label is only conferred after stringent checks by the Japanese Department of Health.

FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use)

  • Approved by stringent Nutrition Improvement Law
  • Proven to be safe for consumption
  • Proven with scientific evidence and clinical testing efficiency and safety

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TG Slim Drink is endorsed with the prestigious FOSHU (Foods for Specific Health Use) status by the Ministry of Health in Japan, making it the highest accredited functional slimming drink of its kind to be available here in Singapore.

What are Triglycerides?

Triglycerides nourish fat cells. No matter what type of food you eat: carbohydrates, fats, or proteins - the excessive nutrients will be converted to triglycerides. The presence of excessive triglycerides stimulates fat cells to gobble up the triglycerides to bulk up in sizes and to multiply. This is the cause behind that bulging tummy, widening hips and thunder thighs. Fat cell multiplication is a non-reversible biochemical process. Hence, it is essential to control the triglycerides transported to fat cells, to prevent the growth of newer fat cells, causing weight gain and an increase in body fat.

Did you know?

Our bodies are designed to store excess fat around the belly. However, having excess belly fat increases your risk for heart diseases and chronic illness? To trim down belly fat, cut back on refined carbohydrates found abundantly in white bread, flour-rich foods, and sugary treats like cakes and cookies. The more refined carbs you consume, the more excess calories are stored as fat in the belly area. This is because the belly contains the most concentrated number of fat cells found in the body.


  • Removes “bad” fat from diet
  • Reduces abdominal fat and unsightly bulges
  • Curbs unwanted expansion of fat cells

Contents: 50ml x 10 bottles in refreshing apple flavor