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Lifestyle, March 2010

Fat Chance

If you’ve been steadily expanding in girth over the years, you might like to try AFC TG Slim Drink – the highest accredited functional slimming drink by the Ministry of Health, Japan, and AFC LipoDOWN. Slim Drink starves fat cells, preventing them from bulking up especially in the abdominal area where bad fat accumulates visibly and invisibly (surrounding organs). The key ingredient in AFC LipoDOWN is Fucoxanthin from Japanese Wakame seaweed. No surprise as the Japanese eat so much seaweed and are generally slim. A University of Hokkaido study found that fucoxanthin brought about a 5-10% reduction in overall body weight, burning and breaking down stubborn stored fat… PS: With LipoDOWN and a pack of TG Slim Drink, disciplined eating and no exercise, I lost over 2kg a month – not bad for a start. – Tan Shee Lah, Managing Editor, NTUC Media



Lifestyle, Feb 2010

Five servings, no problem

Oops, you just realized you didn’t eat enough vegetables and fruit today… The recommendation is five servings a day and 10 if you want to lose weight (substitute a light salad for other carbs). One serving equals one of these – one cup of salad, two broccoli florets, one carrot, one tomato, one apple, one medium banana, two slices of mango or one large slice of watermelon. If you can’t get enough or don’t like fruit or veg, top up with AFC Chakari Fruits, and AFC Chakari Vegetables (extracted from 25 different fruits and vegetables). Made by AFC Japan, it comes in powder form in sachets. One sachet of AFC Chakari Fruits provides the antioxidant content of 20 cherries and one sachet of AFC Chakari Vegetables equals as much antioxidant as 3 cups of broccoli. Best of all, both are tasty. Stir into water and drink, or mix the fruity extract into yogurt and the veggie one in soups. All natural, with no artificial sweeteners, coloring or flavoring. Besides containing vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, you won’t get fat as the calorie count is only 3.4 kcal per sachet. $26.90 for a box of 20 sachets.

Lifestyle, December 2009

Better Looking Skin

Collagen, an important protein, keeps skin looking youthful and healthy. As collagen production starts declining in our 20s, a quality collagen supplement is useful to combat the telltale signs of aging. Made from a matrix formula of micro-collagen peptides, combined with a proprietary blend of Shark Cartilage and Vitamin C, AFC Collagen Beauty is absorbed faster than regular collagen – and helps restore firmness, radiance and clarity.

Lifestyle, November 2009

Chef Devagi’s Weight-to-Go 6

Part 6, November 2009: At the end of her six-month trial, Chef Devagi has effectively shed over 3kg and kept it off. She’s also gained a bigger bounce in her step with Cordyceps. Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma™ has increased her energy levels and rid her of the phlegm plaguing her for over a year – now she can enjoy her cold drinks without fear!

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