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Liver care

AFC Ultimate Liver Care is a scientifically formula that includes a proprietary blend of triple amino acids (L-Ornithine, L-Citrulline and L-Cystine and turmeric. It is said to nourish and protect the liver, promote natural liver detoxification while deterring the build-up of unhealthy fatty deposits.

LiveWell, Jul - Aug 2015

Deep Sea Krill Benefits

Get your superior omega-3 nutrition form PERFECT KRILL, a unique 3-in-1 premium omega-3 oil that is most bioactive, stable and readily digestible. Made from premium grade NKO™ original krill oil, patented with whole lipid oil extract made with oil of krill, as well as EPA, DHA, Astaxanthin and Choline, this halal-certified supplement is clinically proven to support heart, joint, brain and women’s health.


At $56.90 for 60 softgels, exclusively available at NTUC Unity Pharmacies.

TODAY, July 2015

Guard Your Gut

High levels of bad bacteria in your intestines can lead to health issues such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, food and skin allergies, as well as chronic fatigue.

Biogenics 16 by LABO Nutrition may help improve your gut health. Neither a prebiotic nor a probiotic, Biogenics 16 is a lactic acid bacteria (LAB) fermented extract. It does not directly introduce good bacteria to your digestive system, but promotes the growth of good resident bacteria in your gut. It is said to help improve bowel movement, gut flora, vitality and immunity, kidney and oral health, as well as skin conditions.

Biogenics is made in Japan. It is a plant-based formula cultivated in soya bean broth which is free from colouring, pesticides, preservatives and artificial flavouring.

Biogenics 16 is available exclusively at Unity a S$68.90 for 15 sachets.


MYB, Apr 2015

The Latest Innovation In Collagen Technology

Thanks to AFC Japan’s breakthrough ingredient, MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides, your skin could look even brighter and radiant, and feel more supple and smooth. Derived from marine fish sources, the proprietary formula is 1.5 times more effective at reducing you skin’s natural collagen loss and delivering intense hydration. It also promotes cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine line sand open pores. This powerhouse ingredient is used in three signature products to address different skin concerns. Choose AFC Collagen White Beauty, a triple-power skin whitening cocktail, for lasting fairness. The AFC Collagen Beauty MCP-EX is best for intense hydration, natural firmness and luminosity. Another collagen booster is the AFC Tsubaki Ageless, highly recommended if you have premature ageing skin concerns.


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