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HAPICA Minus Ion Replacement Brush Heads
1 unit (2 refills)

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HAPICA Minus Ion - The ultimate toothbrush for your dental needs

HAPICA Minus Ion is the ultimate brush for sparkling teeth and healthy gum. The combinations of Hapi-Sonic™ 7,000 times ultrasonic vibration and special mineral-coated natural ceramics bristles offer professional dental care at home. Clinically proven, HAPICA Minus Ion gives beaming results by removing dental plaque, freshen your breath and helps prevent periodontal diseases. HAPICA Minus Ion is your definite choice for daily oral care. The superior cleansing and anti-odour actions are effective, even without the use of toothpaste.


Ultrasonic vibrations from patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology provides superior plaque removing and cleaning abilities compared to sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute.   Special Mineral-Coated Natural Ceramics bristles emit negative ions and far infrared for anti-odour, anti-plaque and anti-stain properties.
Provides “air vitamins” and bonds to positive ions from plaque and stains on teeth surfaces, resulting in whiter, cleaner teeth.   HAPICA's unique bristles naturally emit far infrared to promote better gum circulation and improve gum health.
99.9% bacteria-resistant compared to normal bristles. HAPICA’s anti-bacterial bristles are effective against the 3 common types of bacteria found on conventional toothbrush bristles. Anti-bacterial effects prevent bacteria growth on brush heads.   Better cleansing compared to normal bristles without damaging tooth enamel.
Soft, round-ended bristles are non-abrasive on tooth enamel and prevent receding gum line from hard manual brushing. Special cut bristles reach gum pockets and protect tooth enamel.   Resists shock, water and safe for whole family. Tested by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan, in order to meet the stringent requirements of Japanese Safety and Industrial Standard 


HAPICA Hapi-Sonic™ technology
Patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology combines 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute with precision tapping, clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute. The technology taps on gum and teeth, creating sonic waves that form micro-bubbles to reach areas where normal toothbrushes cannot possibly reach.

Hapi-Sonic™ powered - Ultrasonic with Precision Tapping Motion
When HAPICA sonic toothbrushes were launched in 1986, they became a huge hit in Japan due to its superior dental cleansing ability and high durability at an affordable price. 100% Japan made, the uncompromised quality from material selection, design and construction of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes to HAPICA’s patented Hapi-Sonic™ Technology earned international recognition and approval from various dental associations around the world.


11 patents awarded for product reliability & safety, design, ultrasonic vibrations with tapping motions & more Accredited by American Dental Association and France National Dental Health Commission Clinically researched by The Nippon Dental University & State University of New York
Good Design Award in Japan  Tested by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan to meet the stringent requirement of Japanese Safety and Industrial Standard Resists shock, water and safe for whole family


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HAPICA Minus Ion - The ultimate brush to remove plaque and freshen breath

  • Ultrasonic vibrations for deep cleansing plus precision tapping massage action
  • Natural Ceramics bristles protect tooth enamel 
  • Negative Ions remove dental plaque, whiten teeth and reduce bad breath 
  • Far Infrared stimulates gum circulation and promotes gum health
  • Anti-bacterial bristles prevent bacteria growth on bristles
  • Special cut bristles access hard-to-reach areas 
  • Anti-odour effect refreshes your mouth even without toothpaste

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