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60 vegecaps

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Lifestream BRM360°™ stands for ‘Biological Response Modifiers’ which fortifies the body's immune response, to regulate and improve overall health. It is a cutting-edge mushroom-derived adjunct therapy made from highly concentrated and purified extracts of 6 well-researched nutraceutical mushrooms that has undergone 250 times concentration to make it the most concentrated mushroom essence available. Revolutionary orthomolecular (right molecules in the right amount) blending technology is used to produce Lifestream BRM360°™, thereby offering extensive breadth and depth of the complex polysaccharides compounds for maximum therapeutic effects. A comprehensive array of chemical profile assurance tests are used to ensure purity and consistency in each and every batch. 

For Optimum Immune System Support and Fortification of Body’s Healing Capacity

Lifestream BRM360°™ is an all natural super tonic that is suitable for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Weak Immune System
  • Poor Healing Capacity
  • Regular Exposure to Harmful Chemicals/UV or Radiation/Carcinogens Exposure
  • Smokers / Drinkers
  • A need for an Overall, Comprehensive Health Tonic

Lifestream BRM360°™ contains more than 60% Total Polysaccharides (beta-Glucans) that supports a wide range of immune defenses like Natural Killer cells, T-cells and macrophage activities. This makes Lifestream BRM360°™ an effective adjunct therapy to conventional cancer treatment, as it helps to greatly reduce side effects of chemo or radiation therapy as well as builds up the resistance of healthy cells against the damaging effects of such treatments.

What’s in Lifestream BRM360°™?

Ever since the late 60's, there has been a lot of researches done on the different sources of mushroom polysaccharides for immune related health issues. Different forms of antigens require different forms of defense mechanism. Similarly we cannot rely on a single nutrient, drug or polysaccharide compound to keep us healthy. Therefore, using “One molecule, One disease” type of treatment would not be sufficient. This is why Lifestream BRM360°™ comprises of six clinically proven nutraceutical mushrooms that have been extracted and concentrated to offer over 200 different types of immune modulators polysaccharides. This formula provides a complete 360-degree, comprehensive care of your immune system for optimum health. Lifestream BRM360°™ is also a powerful tonic that addresses all aspects of the body functions for effective overall health management.

(Click to understand the therapeutic benefits of six nutraceutical mushrooms)

How does Lifestream BRM360°™ work?

The therapeutic functions of BRM360°™ are derived from nutraceutical mushrooms that are rich in polysaccharides and polysaccharides-protein complexes. Unlike other forms of polysaccharides, mushroom derived polysaccharides, particularly the beta-1-3-glucans have been showed in xenograph models and clinical trials to be effective in positive stimulation of immune system components. Comparably, single mushroom derived compounds may offer only limited protection. 

Delivered in an essence of 250 times concentration from 6 mushrooms, with MycoPlex-6™ (whole complex blend of these 6 mushrooms), BRM360°™ contains more than 200 different polysaccharides immune modulators. It equips our cells with a comprehensive range of "ammunitions" in response to attacks by different "foreign invaders". The probability of the right molecule "hitting" the right "invader" becomes substantially increased. BRM360°™ thus offers an extensive and most appropriate defense against various environmental and physiological stresses. As explained by the author of 'Healing Mushrooms', Dr Georges M Halpern (MD, PHD), "feed the body a lot of different active substances derived from different mushroom sources - the idea is to cover as many bases as possible in a single formula, with each mushroom offering different health benefits."

Due to the powerful effect that BRM360°™ exerts on the immune system, it can also be used as adjuncts to traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. BRM360°™ can greatly improve the quality of life and this is highly significant as loss of appetite and associated malnutrition is a major cause of treatment failure during conventional cancer therapy. It also shortens recovery from such therapy. BRM360°™ exhibits dosage-effectiveness correlation, therefore, higher doses results in faster and greater immune response.

BRM360°™ is available in individually packaged blister packs laminated with Aclar® film for excellent moisture barrier and chemical stability in order to maximize potency and shelf life. 

Contents:  500mg x 60 vegecaps 


Madam May Ng was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in 2006, "BRM360 helped me tide through my most difficult period"

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Madam Sim shares her cancer story. "I was given a new lease of life with BRM360"

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